Sunday, April 13, 2014

Your support is needed to protect Rock Creek Hills Park.

Heavy equipment has been used to bulldoze some of the woodlands of Rock Creek Hills Park:

April 12, 2014. (click image for full-screen)

The transfer of the park land appears to be unlawful. Litigation seeking to enforce the law and protect the park is pending. If this litigation is successful, then the transfer, and the recent destruction, will have to be reversed, and trees planted to remediate the damage.

Ongoing litigation has ongoing costs. Please consider renewing your gift and supporting the ongoing efforts to defend your park. Contributions of any amount are welcome.

If you value the park's serenity, the sanctuary, and green space; if you value the soccer games, lacrosse practices, sunrise exercise classes, and walks in the park; the playground, hockey rink, and tennis courts – or even just the right of a community to preserve its public green space from bulldozers – then please donate in support of this legal battle. You can click here to contribute to the park's legal defense fund.

Thank you.

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