Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The myth of the former school site, yet again.

Mr. Bruce Crispell, MCPS's Director of Long Range Planning, discussed Rock Creek Hills Park at last night's Town of Kensington meeting:

"That was a former school site. It was the former home of Kensington Junior High School, which was closed in 1979 because of declining enrollment, ultimately passed into the M-NCPPC, and into a park."
In fact, the "former home of Kensington Junior High School" included what is today the location of the Kensington Park retirement community, which provides independent living, assisted living, and Alzheimer's care to 200 seniors.

The KJH site was broken up. Roughly the northern third was deeded to the Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission, which financed with tax-exempt bonds the construction of what is now the Kensington Park retirement community. This took about a third of the KJH site; took the road access to the North; and severed what had been a through North-South road – all rendering the remainder, Rock Creek Hills Park, stunningly deficient as a potential middle school site.

Why does MCPS continue to ignore the existence of the 200 elderly residents of Kensington Park?

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