Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Nothing has changed..."

"Those of us in the Seven Locks community can only read [a recent] Gazette and respond, 'Been there, done that.'

In a new record for Montgomery County Public Schools, there are not one, not two, but three allegations of malfeasance by the school system in conjunction with the school board. One comes from County Council President Valerie Ervin, who has shown herself to be extremely responsible in the recent budget debate, one from the Rock Creek [Hills] community, and one from parents alleging a violation of the open meetings law regarding the new superintendent search.

We of the Save Seven Locks group spent two-and-a-half intense years fighting MCPS for exactly what they are trying to do to Rock Creek [Hills]. Nothing has changed since then...

We learned in the Save Seven Locks fight years ago that once the council approves the budget for MCPS, they have virtually no say in how it gets spent. This leads to major conflict as we saw then and see now. It's a silly way for government to work..."
- from a recent letter in the Gazette by Jay M. Weinstein of Bethesda.

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