Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"The rules have suddenly changed mid-way through and we have to ask why."

An article by Sarah Gantz in today's Gazette quotes Bruce Crispell of Montgomery County Public Schools as stating that it is "impossible" for a feasibility study committee to vote, but then points out that MCPS's Dennis Cross presided over such votes at two meetings of the feasibility study for B-CC middle school #2 on the site of Rock Creek Hills Park:

"Because anyone can attend each meeting without obligation to attend every meeting, the group cannot have an official membership; without an official membership, it is impossible to vote, [Crispell] said.


However, Cross has called for a vote at two meetings. the third meeting, July 13, the group voted to eliminate four of seven designs..."

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Anonymous said...

I have noted to your group on FB that the feasibility advisory commitee for Edison-Wheaton, led by Dennis Cross, voted numerous times. We also had minutes. They are posted on the MCPS construction website.