Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top three myths about the "feasibility study" for Rock Creek Hills Park: Myth #1 - "Feasibility".

Presenting a special back-to-school feature: The top three myths about the "feasibility study" for Rock Creek Hills Park! Today, myth number 1: "Feasibility."

MYTH: The purpose of a "feasibility study" is to determine whether it is feasible to build on a site.

IN FACT: The primary purpose of a Montgomery County Public Schools "feasibility study" is to develop a site plan and cost estimate for a construction project (the secondary purpose is to allow MCPS to claim that the neighboring community has been given a chance to have their concerns addressed).

PROOF: On May 17th, at the emergency meeting of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens' Association, MCPS Director of Long Term Planning Mr. Bruce Crispell explained: "The term 'feasibility' is a special term used in the county, that may not be the usual interpretation of the term. It's a study that the County Council requires us to do before we submit a request for capital funds, for the big dollars to build something, and they call it a 'feasibility study'. In almost every case, it's a project that we are fairly confident can be built..." And, on July 11th, at a Town of Kensington meeting, Mr. Crispell confirmed: "I understand that you don't like the term 'feasibility' because in a sense it's not the dictionary definition."

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