Sunday, October 2, 2011

Come to the RCHCA Meeting on Monday!

Come to the Rock Creek Hills Citizens' Association meeting Monday night!

Help save Rock Creek Hills Park, Monday night, by attending the 7:30 PM meeting of the RCHA at the Grace Episcopal School, 9411 Connecticut Ave., Kensington. And don't be late; please plan to arrive early.

A deeply flawed and secretive process led to the county Board of Education's hurried April 28th proclamation that it would take the site of the park from the Parks Department to build a middle school. At a May 17th emergency meeting, the Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association voted overwhelmingly to oppose this by all reasonable means; an appeal to the State Board of Education was filed, and is pending. A complaint to the State Open Meetings Enforcement Board was also filed, and on September 15th the State ruled that the county BOE's site selection process had violated the Open Meetings Act.

Over the summer, MCPS conducted what they call a "feasibility study", with a final presentation on September 22nd, at which this handout was distributed by citizens:

Monday will be the first RCHCA meeting since the final "feasibility study" presentation, so please attend, to learn more about this issue:

  • Did you know that MCPS site guidelines calls for at least 20 usable acres, and Rock Creek Hills Park is only 13.2 acres?
  • Did you know the current plan includes a projected student body of 1200 that would require portables and/or a substantial costly expansion?
  • Did you know that this site does not provide parity with other middle schools in the county per MCPS requirements?
Don’t let the BOE impact the character of our community without your input. Now is the time to ask MCPS for a quality education for our children. Join us at the meeting to learn more!

[Only Rock Creek Hills residents who are dues-paying members of the RCHCA will be able to vote at the meeting. If you are a Rock Creek Hills resident who is not paid up, you can pay your $35 dues (by check only!) at the meeting. Dues are per household but votes are per person, so make it a date.]

Join friends of Rock Creek Hills Park on Monday night!

RCHCA meeting at 7:30 PM.
Grace Episcopal Elementary School,
9411 Connecticut Ave.,

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