Thursday, June 16, 2011

"We deserve a good school. Not a sub-standard school." [Testimony at tonight's Board of Ed meeting]

Good afternoon. My name is Sandra van Bochove, I’m currently a mother of a 2nd grader at Rosemary Hills primary school and a resident of Rock Creek Hills community.

I am here today to voice my concern of a flawed process you initiated without our community input, which resulted in a flawed vote selecting Rock Creek Hills Local Park as the site for a new middle school.

From the onset, the site selection process was bound to fail. The means of community outreach was left to one single body, a school’s PTA, although many tax payers directly affected by this process do not have children in the school system but had every right to be notified, but yet were left out.

The site selection advisory committee formed by you, failed to be inclusive of all communities listed as possible sites for the new middle school. Out of the ten sites, the top two sites, Rosemary Hills and Rock Creek Hills, had NO representatives on a committee charged with analyzing impacts and suitability for both of those unrepresented communities.

Your rushed 11th hour decision to pick Rock Creek Hills as the number one site for a feasibility study was carried out without forethought, and fiscal responsibility. In a rush to prevent a moratorium on development, you failed to analyze the current limitations that Rock Creek Hills Local Park has and the results of those limitations to a middle school curriculum. The site cannot accommodate your own middle school criteria.

We are here today to support a new middle school for the BCC cluster, and will support a school that is in parity with the current curriculum offered at Westland middle school. Anything short of that is a bandage solution that does not address the coming population growth to down county. We deserve a good school. Not a sub-standard school.

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