Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You just can't make this stuff up, part II.

The official website of the MCPS now has an official page for the "BETHESDA MIDDLE SCHOOL No. 2". It contains a link to the official specifications for the middle school; these official specifications include, under "Site Requirements" (p. 63), the following:
"20 useable acres (more than 20 acres may be needed due to terrain or for environmental protection requirements)"
Now, since the flat terrain of Rock Creek Hills Park is less than half that (the full acreage, including steep wooded creek-side hills, being about a third less than that), no doubt what will happen at the first meeting of the "Facility Advisory Committee" is that everyone will say, simply, oh, this site does not meet the official requirements, so we're done. You need to restart the site selection process, to find a site that actually meets the official requirements!

On the other hand, given that the word "feasibility" means something different to these folks than it does to everyone else, perhaps the word "requirements" also means something different...

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Janis Sartucci said...

Don't take the Feasibility Study too seriously. The whole thing can be thrown out as just happened over at the McKenney Hills Elementary School project.

No new Feasibility Study was done and a new architect was brought in without any community notice or input.

And as you have seen over at Cabin John Middle School (do drive by) major features of the construction can be kept from the public. Take a look at Key Middle School, too.