Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Come to Thursday's RCHCA meeting!

Come to the Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association meeting Thursday night!

Help save Rock Creek Hills Park, this Thursday night, by attending the 7:30 PM meeting of the RCHA at the Grace Episcopal Day School, 9411 Connecticut Ave., Kensington.

Without conducting comparative analysis of alternatives, and without relevant information needed to evaluate suitability of sites, a Montgomery County Public Schools advisory committee has recommended that the site of Rock Creek Hills Park be taken from the Parks Department for construction of a middle school, although the park fails to meet the overwhelming majority of the Board of Education's middle school site evaluation criteria, and would not yield parity with other middle schools in the County.

And building on the steep slope of the small site would be an expensive waste of scarce taxpayer dollars: An independent construction budget estimate (ICBE) finds that the 2011 MCPS feasibility study for a middle school on the site of Rock Creek Hills Park underestimated costs by approximately eighteen million dollars. The ICBE puts 2017 total costs at $64.5 million, almost 40% above the MCPS estimate.

Learn more from the RCHCA Minority Report.

Don’t let the Board of Education impact the character of our community without your input. Now is the time to ask MCPS for a quality education for our children. Join us at the meeting!

[Only Rock Creek Hills residents who are dues-paying members of the RCHCA will be able to vote at the meeting. If you are a Rock Creek Hills resident who is not paid up, you can pay your $35 dues (by check only!) at the meeting. Please arrive early if you need to pay your dues. Dues are per household but votes are per person, so make it a date.]

Join friends of Rock Creek Hills Park on Thursday night!

RCHCA meeting at 7:30 PM.
Grace Episcopal Day School,
9411 Connecticut Ave.,

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