Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Revised Schedule.

Recent reports (here & from the Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association) stated that the Planning Board would review the report of the B-CC middle school #2 site selection advisory committee, before the Superintendent of Schools makes his recommendation to the Board of Education. However, the Planning Board will review both the committee's report and the Superintendent’s recommendation, before the Board of Education votes:

  • March 12th (Monday). Site selection advisory committee report released.
  • March 15th (Thursday). Planning Board briefed on site selection advisory committee report & recommendations. 
  • March 26th (Monday). Board of Education discusses B-CC middle school #2 site selection.
  • March 30th (Friday). Superintendent of Schools issues his recommendation. 
  • April 9th (Monday). Planning Board conducts "mandatory referral" review.
  • April 12th (Thursday). Board of Education votes on Superintendent's recommendation. 

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