Monday, March 12, 2012

Expert: MCPS Underestimates Cost of Proposed School by $18 Million.

Total Cost to Taxpayers Would Be $64.5 Million.

An independent construction budget estimate (ICBE) finds that the 2011 Montgomery County Public Schools feasibility study for a middle school on the site of Rock Creek Hills Park underestimated costs by approximately eighteen million dollars. The ICBE puts 2017 total costs at $64.5 million, almost 40% above the MCPS estimate. See page 7 (and attached ICBE) of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association Minority Report (below).
"This document contains the Minority Report of the Rock Creek Hills Citizens Association (RCHCA) dissenting from the recommendation of the second Site Selection Advisory Committee (SSAC). 
The site selection process had some significant limitations, such as the lack of analytical application of each criterion, which we believe is reflected in the outcome here. Our comments, however, focus on only the most serious of these limitations: the lack of all relevant information required to evaluate and discern suitability of all sites accurately, thus compromising an informed determination. 
The SSAC decision lacks analytical rigor and substantive integrity.
-from the Minority Report of the RCHCA:

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