Friday, May 6, 2011

The myth of the "former school site", part II.

"The county can reclaim the Rock Creek Hills park, which it sold to M-NCPPC in 1990, if needed for a school because it originally housed a school, Kensington Junior High."
That is incorrect. Rock Creek Hills Park never "housed a school".

The site that housed Kensington Junior High now houses the Kensington Park retirement community.

Rock Creek Hills Park was KJH's playfield. It didn't "house" a school; it was the playfield behind the school.

The distinction is important, because what the Board of Education resolved to do would not really be "putting a new school where an old school was". [Which sounds pretty good, right?]. Rather, the Board wants to build a middle school complex on the former school's playing field, which is now a cherished neighborhood park that provides the setting for the homes of hundreds of seniors living on the site that once "housed" Kensington Junior High .

Late edit [5/7/2011]: We have discovered that some of the information in this post is incorrect. A clarification is available. We apologize for the error, and we hope that it does not diminish your support for our park.

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