Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"We haven't notified anyone."

Last night, the County Board of Ed heard from supporters of Rock Creek Hills Park; later, they heard from MCPS's Bruce Crispell, Joyce Jessell, & Janice Turpin, who had briefed the Rock Creek Hills Citizen's Association emergency meeting one week ago (prelude to the overwhelming RCHCA vote to oppose the grab for Rock Creek Hills Park by all reasonable means, including appeal to the State of Maryland).

After last night's meeting, the trio spoke briefly with citizens. Here MCPS Construction Director Joyce Jessell addresses concerns about the effect of the loss of their park setting on the residents of the Kensington Park retirement community (which stands on much of the site of the former Kensington Junior High School):


Cathy said...

I am still shocked that the BoE did not use the U S POSTAL SERVICE to notify EVERYONE in the immediate neighborhood of Rock Creek Hills Park. They did not WANT the community to know what they were doing-this is obvious.

Cathy said...

A am shocked and appalled that the BoE did not use the U S POSTAL SERVICE to notify the community of their plans for Rock Creek Hills Park. Instead, they relied on PTA's- WHAT? PTA's are not in touch with ME!!!!!! Where is the accountability?